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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in san francisco are already writing on muni without paying a fair but the city is taking another step to make it official >> i honestly think the attendance rate will go up if kids can get on the bus free because not a lot of people have money to get the school >> today the municipal transportation agency board debated a proposal to let young people in san francisco from 5- 17 to ride for free on public transportation with the idea of making san francisco the first city in the nation have unlimited free youth readership. the cost would be $8 million. >> how you tell a child we won't let you go to school down the street where you can walk but you have to go across town and you will need to pay to get there? it makes absolutely no sense >> some of those against the idea are train and bus operators
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which feel they need the money to fix their equipment >> our equipment is breaking down every single day and who will be blamed for this? the operators on platform. to take away the maintenance calls is a huge mistake and we don't know when the new fleet will command >> once again, the decision was reached a compromise, a compromise that will allow low- income youth. we will talk about how they will pay for that as well as some kids i spoke with saying it might cause a stigma for low- income kids. all that at 6:00. >> we just got the results of a poll, 37% of san francisco adults say they want all children between 5 and 17 to ride for free. more than a quarter only want low-income kids to ride for free and a little bit less than a third said that no children should be given a free ride >> it is called the university
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of california and you pay for it. a university built to serve california students but not so much anymore. the outsiders being led and >> the california students we talked to at uc-berkeley told us that international and out-of- state students bring more diversity but they also bring more money and it appears that is what the school is after. at uc-berkeley it has become a juggling act, a quest to keep you see campuses populated with california students >> is creating this unnecessary clashed and conflict between the two when i don't think students should be pitting themselves against one another >> i think any of us could understand why they would want to bring in people who would pay higher tuition because at the end of the day this is a business
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>> new number so that the business model relies heavily on out-of-state students while the number of in state freshman in admitted rose only 3.6% from last year. the number of out-of-state and international jumped a whopping 43% >> i'm paying over $40,000 >> the senior who comes from new york feels used >> the only reason they accept international students is because they are cheating out- of-state students as cash cows >> she feels it is a dangerous step towards privatisation of one of the best in education systems in the country >> what you have done is recreated harvard or stanford and the problem is not that they are not great universities but they're not public universities. i cannot emphasize enough how different cal feels than those places.
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>> it is still unclear how many international and out-of-state students will accept admission this fall. it turns out they are far less likely than in state students to enroll. >> investigators are following new leads in the search for sierra lamar. the diving team use sonar to search several small bodies of water in southern santa clara county. forensic tests of evidence collected earlier in the investigation had revealed new information but they want to be more specific >> school administrators in caulker warning parents about a man who tried to lure a student into his van. the school district says a heavyset bald man repeatedly asked the girl to get into his car and she walked to school, she was able to run away and called her parents. >> last-minute tax returns have
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been trickling into bay area post offices all day and with the deadline looming this state of california makes a last- minute reversal on the tax roll. the change means that taxpayers will get bigger refunds and bigger headaches >> we reported the state franchise tax board would start limiting how much of your property tax you could deduct. now they say never mind, keep the ducting the whole thing so thousands of californians who have already filed may want to amend their taxes. the last minute has officially arrived and with that, an about- face by the tax board. >> this is such an inconvenience to the clients >> she says it could mean thousands of taxpayers may need to amend their taxes because the state now says that homeowners can continue to count their entire property tax bill as a deduction which is a flip-flop from last year when the memo was
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issued saying only some of taxes or deductibles >> they wanted you to go through the bill and identify certain taxes that were based on the value of the property. >> it is a difference that can mean thousands of dollars and hundreds of dollars in the size of your refund but considerably less money for california, by one estimate as much as $200 million. taxpayers we spoke with said they had no idea >> i didn't know about it so it is ignorance is not bliss >> why the late notice? the franchise tax board says that it asked the irs to weigh in on the rule last year but by the time it reviewed the answer it ended up at the last minute and accountants say not a minute too soon >> this should be permanent. >> the change was not going to be mandatory until next year but many people did abide by the now-defunct role.
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if you're one of them, you can amend your taxes but experts say you may not be worth it if you need to pay an accountant to do it >> an assembly committee rejected a bill that would make it a felony to for teachers to date their students. it follows the case of a modesto teacher who left his family to move in with an 18 year-old student. the law would have applied even if the students were 18 years old or older >> the pilot makes a mid-air nosedive to avoid a collision only to find out he was actually dodging the planet venus. the reason he was disoriented and confused. >> your child is that school and gets tested for dna evidence for a murder investigation and you don't know anything about it. two officers have that authority? next. >> incredible images of the eruption on the suns, coming up.
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>> would you think? should detectives be allowed to go into a school and take dna samples from middle school students without telling their parents? that happened at one school in sacramento and we asked grace to find out if it is legal >> officers wanted evidence from the middle schoolers so they showed up a campus and swab their cheeks and took dna evidence and it was not until afterwards that they told the parents and that has won mother asking if they can do that. 13 year-old jessica was killed in northern california park. authorities say she was beaten stabbed and strangled but with few clues to win her murder to a killer sacramento county
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deputies showed up at her school, albert einstein, and they took dna from a handful of dirt classmates without first getting parental permission >> i'm very upset about it >> she says her 14 year-old son was yanked out of class to be questioned and she says school administrators did not call her for another three hours. >> my child is in a room with two detectives being questioned and i'm sure he was quite frightened. it is very upsetting >> sacramento county deputies defend what happened saying they have every right to take student dna without alerting parents >> regardless or not if they are juvenile or adult, we don't necessarily require the consent of the apparent >> hastings contravene constitutional law professor says that is not exactly true, the law is murky.
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he says officers do not need probable cause or permission to search the school by opening back packs or lockers but the supreme court draws the line at strip searching students, that is not allowed. dna falls in the gray area between those cases >> if i were the police i would be careful. you don't want your evidence tossed so you don't even want to come close to the line >> professor little says even if the parents are upset they're not likely to win any money from the school system if they were to sue but there could be repercussions down the road if there is a murder trial so depending on what they learn there is a chance that it could be thrown out altogether because they did not get parental permission. >> it is not a major surprise but presumed republican nominee mitt romney picked up some big endorsements >> i think mitt romney has a set of economic policies that can
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put americans back to work and frankly contrasts sharply with the failed economic policies of president obama >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell also came out in support of romney saying the republican party needs to rally beef behind the former governor. president obama wants to crack down on oil traders by raising penalties on companies accused of manipulating the price of oil sizzle of congress should provide immediate funding to put more cops on the beat to monitor activity in energy markets. this funding will also upgrade technology so that surveillance and enforcement officers are not hamstrung by older and less sophisticated tools >> bay area gas prices have actually dipped by 10ยข or more in the past month but san francisco is still one of the highest in the nation. you can map out the best gas prices in your neighborhood by
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logging onto >> putting california's buildings to the test, out in five store building held up when a series of fake earthquakes shook things up >> a woman trips and the city takes the fall, or does it? that story's coming up >> skene elephant seal pups,,,,,
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>> look at the damage that was left behind on this air canada flight after the pilot set the plane into a big nose dive. he thought he was on a collision course with another aircraft but it turned out he was looking out the window and dodging the planet venus. it happened in january last year and today in investigation found the first officer who had just woken up from a nap, bothersome by itself, mistook the planet for a u.s. air force plane that was approaching below. 16 passengers and crew members were hurt when he plunged the jetliner about 400 ft.. air canada says rules regarding rest periods are more conservative than what government regulations require but it still plans to beef up
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its system to track fatigue. >> they can even damage or car, potholes, but in one particular area is proving to be very costly not only to drivers but to the city of san francisco. >> the settlement just occurred, two years ago a woman was walking out of the ballet and she steps into a pothole on the street and she goes down, she breaks both ankles, she sprained her wrists, she has shoulder surgery, she says i am out for two years, what is it worth? they negotiate and they settled today for a quarter million dollars. she says i haven't worked in a year, you know, i have problems, the city says it is fine. if we went to court, we would have paid a lot more. this is one of those things
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that everyone is talking about, there are opinions on all sides. it really is a wild story. >> corruption allegations cast a shadow on the second day of hearings on capitol hill. congress grilled witnesses from the administration about the agency's lavish spending. lawmakers asked about the $823,000 loss vegas conference as well as parties, bonuses, and trips including one to napa valley all paid for by taxpayers. >> the american public deserves to have money paid back. where crimes have been committed, people will go to jail >> san francisco based gsa executive eric neely is at the steps it center of the scandal. he invoked his fifth amendment
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rights. the investigator general is also investigating reports of kickbacks and bribery >> discovery is on the ground for good. it piggyback its way into virginia today on top of a modified jumbo jet. it took a few spins above the nation's capital and many people brought their children to witness the final flight >> the amazing space program and how inspiring it is and i wanted to experience that while there was still a chance >> it is a really big day with lots of history being made >> the shuttle will become the newest icon at the national air and space museum >> spectacular images show a solar flare shooting out of the sun. nasa released these pictures of the eruption. chars particles and superheated plasma sought millions of miles into space.
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>> it has been nice to see the sun for the past couple of days. >> we will see a lot more sun but it comes at a price because allergies. we have the pullen report coming up but let's have outside where fog has been playing tag with the clouds currently the air temperature is warm in lent, mild near the seashore but you need to factor in the wind which is currently blowing at 14 m.p.h.. we do have baseball action tonight, bundled up with the game time temperature at 56 degrees. there are some areas of fog overnight but mainly clear in the inland areas. tomorrow the warming trend
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begins and the warmest days this week will be friday and saturday. we have the jet stream well to the north of the bay area and we have storm stacking up taking precipitation into the pacific northwest. temperatures into the '40's to 50 degrees in san francisco. temperatures tomorrow starting off around the peninsula at 64 degrees in san mateo. 74 degrees in morgan hill. the average high in san jose this time of year is 70. no. stacking up to 74 in the east bay and low '70's in san jose with mid-60's in daly city.
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friday and saturday, flirting with 90 in the warmest locations. a lot of sunshine in the forecast and no sight of rain right now. >> in marine mystery is a developing along the marin county coast. 70 malnourished elephant seal pups have been stranded on beaches. it is almost double the number they had to care for last year >> we don't know why that is, certainly last year there were many more storms that might have washed out some of them out to sea, sadly. >> biologists say they typically weigh about 60 lbs. within two months. the need to weigh at least 300
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lbs. before they can venture into the ocean on their own >> what happens when a series of massive earthquakes hits a five ,,
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>> take a look it this, a television anchor in chile remained calm when an earthquake shakes the studio. the earthquake was centered near the coastal port of valparaiso but was strong enough to shake the buildings in the capital city. one man died and the earthquake caused mudslides and minor damage. engineers are putting a five story building to the test with the largest earthquake simulator in the world >> edward lawrence shows us how their research will help you when disaster strikes here >> researchers at the university of california san diego shows a
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five story building several times in a series of simulated earthquakes. the experiment is an effort to like the 1994 northridge quake near l.a. that killed 60 people and caused $20 billion of damage. the first test simulated the strength of that earthquake. >> we can control the energy and see how it will respond >> engineers put the building on cylinders >> we have bearings that act like a kind of a skateboard so the building stays when the ground moves >> the new technology is being put in some hospitals and buildings that need to stay up and running during disasters. this building is 1.4 million lbs. and only swayed 6 in. under an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. an earthquake that size struck chile in 2010.
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nothing fell off walls and no ceilings collapsed >> we might be able to apply this technology to new are buildings and even retrofit some older buildings >> after two simulated earthquake two hours apart it kept everything in sight safe. >> , >> tomorrow marks 106 years since the great fire and earthquake in 19 06. it leveled nearly 500 city blocks and left a quarter million people homeless and killed several thousand. >> the secret service and pentagon prostitution scandal is escalating,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with you when you're ready to move. >> here is what we're working on for 6:00. a prime destination for shopping but big changes are in store for one bay area plaza. what developers want to build in the middle of downtown. not exactly something you would expect from nasa. how the feature of clean energy could lie in the ponds of waste water. >> thank you for watching the cbs evening news is next. >> remember the latest news and weather is always on


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